What Is A Service Dog ~
A Service Dog is trained to   perform specific tasks to mitigate a person's disability   and behave in public.

Pet               Well Trained               Service Dog

These dogs are pets and are like Elementary School graduates;

This dog is well-trained and like a High School graduate;

This dog is a Service Dog and has a Master's Degree.

1)   A Service Dog is never protective.
2)   A Service Dog will not eliminate when working.
3)   A Service Dog will not pay attention to distractions.
4)   A Service Dog will always come to their handler on cue.
5)   A Service Dog does not growl, or show teeth when working.
6)   A Service Dog will not eat anything off the floor when working.
7)   A Service Dog will always stay even if the handler goes out of sight.
8)   A Service Dog will not wander even if the leash is dropped by the handler.
9)   A Service Dog will not seek out attention or sniff people as they walk by.
10)   A Service Dog will focus on their handler, not on anyone or any thing else.
11)   A Service Dog will always go under the table when cued at a restaurant.

About S.O.S. Dog Training -
Why we're different and how we can help


As professional dog trainers we can help you to get your dog to focus on you.
(instead of that person passing by or maybe a squirrel!!).

Knowledge and experience are necessary to ensure that you get the results you need.
Here are the training methods used by SOS Dog Training:
1)   Positive re-enforcement is the best way to get the results you want.   I will guide you through the process from won't do task, to will do task, to wants to do task.
2)   Over correction will undermine your progress.   SOS Dog Training will help ensure that your training doesn't go "one step forward, then two steps back".
3)   As challenging as it may be, there are no "quick fixes", "Slow Is Fast".   Trying to train too quickly will frustrate both trainer and the dog.
4)   You will be instructed on how to work with your dog using effective techniques that are applied at the pace your dog can handle, providing you with good results.


Star Puppy Instructor   CGC Instructor    

Certification Counsel of Professional Dog Trainers   as well as   Association of Profession Dog Trainers are In Progress

Frequently Asked Questions


1) Can I really take my dog with me everywhere?

2) What does "four on the floor" mean?

3) Can any dog be a Service Dog?

4) Does my Service Dog have to wear a vest?

5) What does it mean to be challenged?

6) Where does the training take place?

7) How long does it take to train a Service Dog?

8) What kind of Service Dogs do you train?

9) What is the difference between a Service Animal, a Companion Animal, and an Emotional Support Animal.

10) Is a Service Dog right for me?


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